The Internet was created and launched in the 1960s as ARPANET and later on in 1983, it was named the Internet. The Internet has made everything possible like digital marketing etc which was considered a dream some time ago. Most of the services these days somehow connect to the Internet or they use the internet as their medium. Email is one of those.


Email or Electronic mail is the method of exchanging messages through electronic devices like computer networks. That is why it is named as Electronic mail. Yahoo Mail is one of the email web services that allows you to send and receive emails. In this article, we will discuss Yahoo mail History and also discuss how to create a Yahoo Mail Account.

Yahoo Mail History

Yahoo Mail is a non-Google service and best for those who want to use non-Google products. Yahoo Mail was launched in October 1997 by an American company Yahoo. Yahoo Mail is the online email service that provides all of its amazing features free of cost. Only an internet connection is required to get access to this site. Yahoo also has launched its mobile app to facilitate its mobile users. According to the latest survey, Yahoo mail has more than 360 million active users that are still increasing. That makes Yahoo Mail one of the best online email services.

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Key Features of Yahoo Mail

Following is the list that includes the key features of Yahoo Mail


  • Quick Filter and direct access to web browsing
  • Edit and Share options
  • High storage availability
  • Yahoo Mail Mobile application
  • Send and receive huge files
  • Support all kind of images and can be sent or receive any time
  • Automatic detection of spam or malware
  • Notification for new mails

How to create a Yahoo Mail Account?

To create a new Yahoo Mail account, you have to follow the below-listed steps.


  1. Visit or simply open the signup page for Yahoo Mail.
  2. After opening the signup page you will have to fill the information form. First, enter your first name and then your last name. Then select a username which you want to use as your Yahoo email address then enter your password, date of birth, and mark on your gender.
  3. Enter your phone number which will be used as the account recovery process.
  4. Select between Text me on Account key or Call me with a verification code to verify your phone number.
  5. Now enter the verification key to verify your phone number and then click on continue.
  6. You will be directed to Yahoo Mail directly or simply you can log in from Yahoo sign-in page by entering your email and secret password.


If you still have any query then you can visit which is an official site for Yahoo Mail and select the Help Option to get any help regarding sign up procedure. Other than this many video tutorials are also available through which you get a better understanding of sign up procedure. Hope you like the information.